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International Organizing Committee is composed of following members:

   Mr. Freddy Wens, Chairman

Mr. Geert Van Cappellen, Secr. Gen. PIANC

 Mr. Louis Van Schel, Belgium

Mr. Hartmut Bruehl, Germany

Mr. Raul Escalante, Argentina

Mr. Gary Mocke, South Africa

Mr. Jay Daniel R. Santiago, Philippines

Mr. Hector Estrella Miole, Philippines

Mr. Mohammadreza Allahyar, Iran



The International Organising Committee (IOC) will consist of seven members, three members from countries transition, two members from industrialized countries, the PIANC Secretary General and the Chairman of the Local Organising Committee (LOC).

All members of the IOC must be individual or corporate members of PIANC.

The IOC will appoint a chairman, preferably from a country in transition, who will automatically become a member of the PIANC Cooperation Commission (CoCom). The secretariat of the IOC will be provided by the local host.


The International Organising Committee shall:

  • Arrange, in consultation with PIANC HQ and CoCom, for the PIANC-COPEDEC conferences to be held at four yearly intervals in between PIANC congresses, in selected venues in countries in transition.

  • Take initiatives to activate participation from countries in transition at the conferences.

  • Assist the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and render advice and technical support to the host country in conference planning.

  • Solicit bilateral and international co-sponsors for fellowships for the Conferences together with PIANC headquarters and CoCom.

  • Organize a Paper Selection Committee (PSC) and Fellowship Award Committee (FAC) in preparation of each conference.

  • Provide drafts of the 1st , 2nd and 3rd Announcements (proposal of content see annex 4) and format for the printing of the Abstracts and make final decision about the design and editing of the Paper Proceedings (CD).

  • Compose and execute the Technical Programme of the PIANC-COPEDEC Conferences, including the selection of session chairpersons and keynote speakers, together with assisting staff provided by LOC.

  • Decide on registration costs for the coming Conference in consultation with the LOC.

  • Decide on the organization of a short course, especially for students and young fellows of Least Developing Countries.

  • Prepare and supply a full evaluation report on each conference to PIANC/CoCom and a financial statement to PIANC Haedquarters and to the main sponsors within six months after the closure of the conference.

Local Organizing Committee is composed of following members:

 Executive Committee

Mr. Jay Daniel R. Santiago, General Manager, PPA

     Mr. Carlito M. Castillo, AGM for Engineering, PPA

     Mr. Francisquiel O. Mancile, AGM for Operations, PPA

     Mr. Elmer Nonatus A. Cadano,  AGM for Special Concern, PPA

 Finance Committee

Mr. Primo Elvin L. Siosana, Chairperson

Grecia R. Tolentino, Member

Russel Q. Babadilla, Member

 Secretariat’s Team

Mr. Christopher H. Ornum, Chairperson

Mr. Hubert Carreon, Member

Mr. John Noel G. Dionisio, Member

Mr. Adrian P. Cayanan, Member

Mr. Albert T. Tayabas, Member

Ms. Angievyn  L. Aguas, Member

Ms. Lucille M. Pineda, Member​​

Mr. Juliuz Izhrael F. Villena, Member

Mr. Christopher C. Paringit, Member

Information Technology (IT) Committee

Mr. Gervacio Alfredo N. Balatbat, Chairperson

Mr. John Duque, Member

Mr. Edgardo A. Lopez, Member

Local Advisory Committee (LAC) to represent the local coastal and port engineering  community.


 The Local Organising Committee shall:

  • Find and coordinate local co-sponsors additional to the international sponsorship in the form of fellowship funding for participants from countries in transition (especially from the host country).

  • Identify and select a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) and organize all Conference activities (except those specified above).

  • Meet expenses, which are exceeding the PIANC-COPEDEC Continuity Fund Budget, for travel, accommodation and logistical support of the IOC LOC, PSC and FAC for activities in connection with Conference planning and operations;

  • Arrange a Technical Conference programme, post0-Conference tours and partners programme;

  • Decide on organization of an exhibition.

  • Look for local sponsors to defray the costs of the conference catering, technical tours, conference bags and the social functions.

  • Establish a final budget for the Conference in consultation with the IOC, budget to be approved by PIANC Headquarters.

  • Promote the event at technical meetings as well as by advertising in national and international engineering publications.

  • Organize a special website for the Conference

  • Liaise with the IOC prior to and during the Conference.

  • In any case, the LOC will send invitations for the opening ceremony to all embassies involved, i.e. from all countries registrations were received.

  • Provide secretariat for the International Organising Committee (IOC), the Paper Selection Committee (PSC) and the Fellowship Awards Committee (FAC).

  • Receive the Registration Fees and repatriate the agreed Royalty to the PIANC-COPEDEC Continuity Fund within four months after the closure of the conference

  • Supply to the IOC, within four months after the closure of the conference, audited statement of the final accounts of the conference and other information required for the preparation of the final report of the conference.

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