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The IADC Young Authors Award

The IADC Young Authors Award for contributions to the literature on dredging.


To stimulate the promotion of new ideas and to encourage younger men and women working in the dredging industry and related fields, the IADC has instituted an Awards programme for the best paper presented at conferences selected by the Board, or at other suitable occasions. 

Terms of Reference

  1. The subject matter of the paper must be related to dredging and reclamation in its widest sense, including operations, research, environmental aspects, management, financing and economic aspects, production control and equipment design/developments. Both the content and the presentation itself will be judged.

  2. At the final date of the submission of the paper, the main author(s) should not be more than 35 years of age.

  3. In the case of two or more authors jointly submitting a paper, the author(s) under 35 years may nevertheless be eligible for the award if they have done a significant part of the work.

  4. The papers will be reviewed and graded autonomously by the Conference/Paper Committee of the selected conference. The two or three papers and/or abstracts will then be sent to the IADC for selection of the winning paper.

  5. The Conference/Paper Committee is under no obligation to nominate an author for the award should they be of the opinion that none of the entries are of a high enough standard.

  6. The IADC is under no obligation to accept the nominations of the Conference/Paper Committee if they do not consider the selected papers to be of a level deemed necessary by the IADC.

  7. The award will consist of a statue and sum of € 1,000.--. In the case of more than one author this amount will be shared amongst the authors.

  8. The IADC reserves the right of first publication, without payment of authorship fees, of any awarded paper. The paper can be published in full, in summary or in condensed form in any publication the IADC may select, preferably in “Terra et Aqua”.

  9. The IADC cannot be held responsible or liable for infringement by the authors of the relevant papers of copyrights of third parties, or any such use by the authors of restricted material or information.

  10. The aim is to grant the award at least once a year to a suitable paper. If no paper has been found suitable in any given year, the award will not be granted.

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