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Summa Amarasinghe Award for PIANC-COPEDEC participants from developing countries. 

To stimulate the promotion of Waterborne Transport Infrastructure related new ideas in Developing Countries and to encourage Coastal, Port, and Inland Waterway professionals from Developing Countries, PIANC and the Amarasinghe Fund have instituted a “Summa Amarasinghe Award” for the best paper, presented by a participant from a developing country at the International PIANC-COPEDEC Conferences.


Terms of Reference

  1. The subject matter of the paper must be related to the theme and topics of the related PIANC-COPEDEC Conference, which has been given in the final call for papers.

  2. At the final date of the submission of abstracts, the main author(s) should live and work in a developing country, according to the UN Developing Regions list. In the case of two or more authors jointly submitting a paper, the author(s) living and working in a developing country may nevertheless be eligible for the award if they have done a significant part of the work. 

  3. At the submission of the abstract, the author(s) should indicate if they want to participate in the Summa Amarasinghe Award. 

  4. The abstracts will be reviewed and graded autonomously by the PIANC-COPEDEC Paper Selection Committee (PSC). Some five abstracts will be shortlisted and a final decision on the winning paper will be made by the Paper Selection Committee after presentation of the papers at the Conference. 

  5. The PIANC-COPEDEC Paper Selection Committee is under no obligation to nominate an author for the award should they be of the opinion that none of the entries are of a high enough standard.

  6. The award will consist of a certificate and a sum of 1.000 US$. In the case of more than one author, this amount will be shared amongst the authors.

  7. PIANC reserves the right of first publication, without payment of authorship fees, of the awarded paper. The paper can be published in full, in summary, or in condensed form in any publication PIANC may select, preferably in the PIANC “On Course” magazine. 

  8. PIANC cannot be held responsible or liable for infringement by the authors of the relevant paper of copyrights of third parties, or any such use by the authors of restricted material or information.

As long as there is any budget available in the Amarasinghe Fund, managed by Lanka Hydraulic Institute, the award will be granted by this Fund.

Afterward, PIANC will take over the Award from the PIANC Cooperation Fund.

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