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Navigating a Changing Climate

Navigating a Changing Climate is a PIANC-led international initiative that provides a platform for the exchange of technical advice and information.  The initiative aims to support the maritime and inland navigation infrastructure sector in responding to climate change.  Find out more at https://navclimate.pianc.org

PIANC, along with partner associations IAPH, the International Harbour Masters’ Association, the International Maritime Pilots’ Association, IMarEST and others, set up Navigating a Changing Climate as a five-year ‘Marrakech Partnership’ initiative in 2015, in the lead up to the UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change.  In addition to the partner associations, more than 50 organisations have signed up as Navigating a Changing Climate ‘supporters’.


In 2020 and 2021, several events are being held to conclude the current Navigating a Changing Climate work programme.  One of these events is a ‘conference-within-a-conference’ at COPEDEC. 


On Thursday 19th and Friday 20th November 2020, the Navigating a Changing Climate partners will organise a two-day conference as part of the 10th International Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering in Developing Countries (COPEDEC) to be held in The Philippines, hosted by The Philippine Ports Authority.


The themes of this ‘conference within a conference’ will include:

  1.  Moving towards ‘net zero’ emissions of greenhouse gases from port infrastructure including the port estate

  2.  Ports’ role in enabling the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from vessels

  3.  Intermodality and system-level climate change resilience

  4.  Effects of extreme weather, including risk assessments, contingency plans and warning systems

  5.  Monitoring and adaptive management for responding to change

  6.  Climate change adaptation, including theory and practice, methodologies and case studies

  7.  Optimising operational resilience, including the role of inspection and maintenance

  8.  Flexible and adaptive infrastructure design

  9.  Nature-based solutions to improve navigation infrastructure resilience

  10.  Other climate change topics

By submitting an abstract and taking part in the Navigating a Changing Climate conference, you can:


  • Share experiences with others in the waterborne transport sector about the best practices they are adopting, both to combat climate change and to adapt to its effects by strengthening infrastructure and operational resilience


  • Report on the progress of your own initiatives to deal with climate change challenges, and learn how other organisations are responding on the same issues


  • Be part of the debate on raising questions that affect the waterborne transport sector as well as collaborating with other members to address them


The conference itself will deepen your knowledge on de-carbonisation and the move to net zero by leading organisations in the sector.  It will also enable you to find out more about practical approaches to climate change adaptation, and to intermodal-, system resilience- and nature-based solutions.


The call for abstracts for the event is now open.  The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 30th March 2020. 


Navigating a Changing Climate partner members, supporter organisations and other climate change practitioners and researchers around the world are encouraged to submit an abstract and to share their experiences.


For instructions on how to submit an abstract, please download the Navigating a Changing Climate document at https://www.pianc-copedec2020.org/call-for-abstract.



The original call for abstracts invited prospective presenters to submit a one-page abstract on any of the above themes or related topics to the conference secretariat  secretariat@pianc-copedec2020.org and copied to NavClimate@pianc.org.   


If you have already prepared a one-page abstract following the original call, this form of submission remains acceptable.  Your abstract will still be considered but you will be asked to re-format your abstract if it is accepted. 

Those that have not yet prepared and submitted their abstracts may be interested to know that the extended abstracts from the Navigating a Changing Climate conference-within-a-conference will be included in the COPEDEC conference Book of Abstracts.  In this case, however, the Navigating a Changing Climate conference abstracts will need to be submitted in the same format as those for COPEDEC (see link above to access the instructions for submission).